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Try Dives and Training

Every Thursday night at 19:30 we meet at the North Kent College to provide try dives and training, keep our skills in tip-top condition and then head to the pub for a well earned drink after.

We can provide complete BSAC training to all levels, from those who have never dived before, to those who wish to continue their training coming from PADI or any other agency.

Please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can help you progress your learning and enjoyment.

What are the advantages of learning to dive with us?

There are many advantages of learning to dive with us. These include:

  • We have a whole swimming pool to ourselves for an hour every Thursday night. This allows us to provide lessons tailored to you. Unlike some dive schools, we prefer to teach students in small groups and there is absolutely no rush to complete the training in a certain amount of time. We go at your pace to help you be as confident with your newly learnt skills as possible.

  • When you have completed your initial training we still want to see you! The pool is yours to use as long as you are a member. Should you just want to have a swim, practice your diving skills, try out some new equipment or just have a lazy bimble that is exactly what it is there for. We also offer further training (see below), regularly go diving both here in the UK and further afield (see our expeditions page) and have regular social events.

  • All our instructors are volunteers that teach purely for your and the clubs benefit. All our members are people like you that want to SCUBA dive and think that doing this as part of a club is the best way to do it. We do not earn commission on anything and only have your best interests at heart. If you need assistance with learning something, choosing somewhere to dive or buying a piece of equipment you have a whole club full of people with many years of experience who are more than happy to help.

  • We are passionate about diving and want you to be the same.


Try Dives


If you would like to have a go at SCUBA diving, then this is the ideal way to start. Try dives are conducted in our pool at North Kent College using all our own equipment. All you need to bring along is some swimwear, a t-shirt you don't mind taking in the pool, a towel, a completed medical form and the £15 try dive fee which is deducted from the membership fee if you decide to join us in 31 days. After meeting your instructor and selecting your kit we head to the pool, have a thorough briefing and spend about 40 minutes swimming around getting used to the magical experience of being able to breath underwater.

To arrange a try dive, please contact us.

You can download all the try dive paperwork you will need by visiting our downloads page.


BSAC Courses

Below is a list of all the diving qualifications that we offer. There are also many skill development courses (SDC's) that accompany these qualifications. More details of these can be found here.

Ocean Diver

This is where your diving adventures truly begin. The course covers all the basics that will help you to get out and enjoy the underwater world up to 20 metres deep, pretty much anywhere in the world. There are five pool lessons, four open water lessons and six theory lessons. 

Sports Diver

Your passport to diving freedom! With a Sports Diver qualification, your SCUBA diving horizons are expanded considerably. A qualification that is recognised and highly regarded wherever you go in the world, you can go on diving trips and holidays and dive with your buddy in relative freedom up to 35 metres without necessarily having to stay with the guided group. This course builds on the Ocean Diver qualification and teaches you to become more independant and how to carry out a rescue, should the need arise. You can also start to learn to become an instructor and 'technical' diver (diving deeper for longer using special equipment and techniques) should this be something you are interested in.

Dive Leader

This is the qualifiation for those who want to start organsing their own trips and begin exploring further afield. After completing the Dive Leader qualification, not only will you be able to carry out a rescue, you will also be able to co-ordinate one, which makes you a valuable asset to the club and any group you are diving with. Having completed the course and the necessary depth experience dives, you will be able to go to a maximum of 50 metres. This qualification also opens the door to becoming a fully qualified instructor. 

Advanced Diver

Dive Leader not enough for you? Then you must be a serious SCUBA junkie! An Advanced Diver is someone that wants to go and explore places others have never been before and this course will give you the skills to do just that. You will learn how to read charts and navigate a boat, be familiar with more advanced diving equipment and procedures and organise all sorts of exciting trips. 

First Class Diver

This is the highest qualification that BSAC offer. It is a major achievement and shows that you have what it takes to organise the most demanding and adventurous expeditions to anywhere in the world. Yours skills will be sought after not only by your fellow club members, but by others both inside and outside the whole British Sub Aqua Club.

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